Princess Dresses of Love is a non-profit organization set up in memory of my husband who died of pancreatic cancer. I make dresses for little girls with cancer and serious illnesses and give them in memory of a family member who lost their battle with cancer.

Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess.

A tiara, wand, and this poem accompany each princess dress.


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(By Katelyn Gordon):

You are a princess;
You shine like a piece of gold.
You are so beautiful – I have been told
You fight like a warrior, a brave knight;
Yet you look like an angel, a beautiful sight.
We send this dress as a token of love
In memory of my Father who is in heaven, up above.
Your dress is like silver,
It sparkles and glitters.
Your crown, oh how pretty,
So beautiful like you.
Oh, and your wand too –
How you wave it about in the air;
Oh Princess, you are so true and fair.
So go ahead put on the dress,
Shine, sparkle be your best,
And remember, you are a Princess.

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